The Potting Shed Page - the name, the Sunday Express & Leonardo Da Vinci

I've never been one for extravagance and I'm happiest on my plot in wellies with a bunch of blooms in hand. I've always had a love of English country, French rustic and Scandinavian style and from this my Potting Shed business for home and garden decor and creative workshops has organically grown.  

When it came to creating a website, shop, instagram, facebook and pinterest page for this, I couldn't find anything remotely close to what I liked in a name as everything had been used. Being a total techno phobic, the mine field of meta data, social media, tagging and trying to get online has been a massive learning curve and still is.

On a more simple note, one of my favourite quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci is Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; so taking this on board I decided to go with page on the end of the name as it's so easy to remember, but the main inspiration for it came from a vintage book I have that was my father's, given to him from my mum in the 1970's called Adam The Gardener, a Sunday Express publication. It was a weekly feature in the newspaper back then and the book was published by Beaverbrook Newspapers, London in 1978.  I still recall my dad's delight in receiving this gift as he was a passionate gardener. The old man illustrated in the book actually resembles him and memories flood back to me whenever I use it for reference.
Adam The Gardener, Sunder Express PublicationJanuary, First Week, the first page in the book talks about potting and the beauty of being able to do this indoors in your potting shed, whatever size, shape or form it is. It was opening the book one day on that first page that really sparked the idea, I'm a poet too so page seemed even more fitting. I'm fortunate to have 3 potting sheds, one on my garden, one on my allotment plot which I'll be telling you about in another blog post and I also have a mobile potting shed I tour the UK with attending various shows and fairs.

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  • Carole North

    Potted nostalgia – wonderful!!

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